Parent Teacher meeting will be held on 27-03-2024 and School will re-open on 06-04-2024 in sha Allah.


1 )To advance education worldwide in order to raise future generations of committed and balanced Muslims through researching, developing, initiating and disseminating thebest examples of educational practices and resources.
2) Provide an organizational structure, which emphasizes communication, creativity, flexibility and accountability.
3) Prepare students for the many diversities and cultural influences that shape their world.
4) Provide an enriched programme for all students, which include an integrated curriculum and basic competency development.
5) Provide an ongoing staff development programme that emphasizes professional growth, colleague collaboration and technological training.
6) Provide an enthusiastic and exciting environment for teaching and learning.
7) Encourage innovation and creativity.
8) Provide continuous opportunities for articulation among staff members, students, parents and community.
9) Provide a balanced student assessment programme that incorporates a variety of strategies.
10) Promote a partnership between home and school, which addresses individual values, respect and ethics.