School will remain closed from 19-06-2023 until 02-07-2023 as per government order due to prevailing heat wave and Eid-Ul-Adha. Classes will resume on 03-07-2023 as usual.

General Information

1) The student must be present in the school before the school assembly commences.
2) Always care should be taken to keep the school campus clean. Littermust be disposed off in the dustbins provided.
3) Students are expected to take good care of their belongings while at school. The school will not take any responsibility for any lost articles.
4) The students are not allowed to enter any classroom other than their own, or to remain in their classroom during Physical Education/Library/Art periods.
5) All the students will come out of their classrooms during the break except in case of extreme emergency and that too with prior permission of the teacher.
6) Changing of classrooms between periods should be done in an orderly manner and silently.
7) All boys should have regular hair cuts.
8) Lending or borrowing of money or any other article is not allowed inside the school campus.
9) The school does not permit the celebration of birthdays in school campus.
10) Observe the “green rules” in order to maintain green surroundings. Do not spoil or pluck flowers.
11) Students are expected to respect school property. No student should damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Any school property damaged should be reported to school authority immediately.
12) Student using the school bus will maintain discipline in the bus.
13) Students should be polite wherever they go. They should remember that the school is judged by their conduct.
14) They should greet their teachers/prefects when they meet. Bullying and use of foul language are punishable offences.
15) Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruments e.g. knives to the school, or any kind of object that can cause injury to others.
16) It is expected that the juniors be treated with love and affection, while the seniors respected, for harmony among students.
17) Students indulging in aggressive or violent behavior, joining other students in violent destruction will be subjected to punishment/expulsion.
18) Students will not boycott the orders, directions and instructions given to them by the school authorities, prefects and captains.
18) Student should not cooperate or indulge in any act of violence committed by other students which will harm any student physically or mentally.
19) Students will not do anything to disturb school functioning and school discipline.
20) Girls should not apply nail polish or mehdi during school hours.

Corrective Actions
1) Warning by concerned teachers.
2) Notification to parents.
3) Counseling.
4) Confiscation of electronic gadgets, mobile phones, vehicle keys.
5) Entry in student’s record.
6) Deprivation of honor rolls, certificates and rewards.
7) Sending back of habitual late comers.
8) Recovery of financial loss or replacement of damaged hostel /school property.