Parent Teacher meeting will be held on 27-03-2024 and School will re-open on 06-04-2024 in sha Allah.


Student’s Right
A quality education.
Education without undo interruption, disruption, fear or inhibition. Privacy in their person and possessions unless school personnel have reason to believe that inappropriate and/or dangerous materials are being carried and or concealed by the student.
A copy of the Code of Conduct.
Receive respect from school personnel and other students.
Due process procedures according to school policies.
Participate in school functions and extra-curricular activities.
Protection and confidentiality when fulfilling responsibility to report violations of the code of conduct.
Student's Responsibilities
To understand what the assignments are and when they are due.
To ask questions when instructions, assignments, or deadlines aren’t clear.
To organize time and other resources in order to complete assignments on time.
To give homework your best effort before asking parents for help.
To turn assignments in by the specific due date.
To makeup any work missed due to excused absences from class.
Put forth their best effort to meet classroom expectations.
Conduct them in such a manner as to promote a positive educational environment. Not interfere with the orderly conduct of classes and activities; not force others to participate, and violate the rights of persons who may disagree.
Not carry, conceal, or bring onto school property materials, which are inappropriate or may disrupt the educational process.
Read and abide by the Code of Conduct.
Show respect for other students and school personnel.
Meet academic qualifications, other criteria and qualifications and/or standards of behavior.
Assist school personnel by reporting misconduct.
Parent's Responsibilities
To provide an environment that is conducive to uninterrupted study time.
To make sure the child has the necessary materials to do the assignments.
To encourage the child to be neat and organized.
To make school the number one priority during the academic school year.
To model self-discipline, organization, time management and a positive attitude.
To provide support and encouragement of the child’s efforts.
To ask the child to share his/her assignments with you and to ask for specific help.
To contact the classroom teacher in the event of questions or concerns.
To assist the child, if needed and spare some of the costly time to get the homework completed without doing their work for them.